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August 2, 2008

Enjoying the rest of the Summer

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On a budget this summer? You are not alone. With the recent historical increases in oil prices and the subsequently higher transport costs many families are rethinking their summer plans. Here are some great ideas to help you get the most of the remaining summer days without breaking the bank.

Summer is half gone yet due to the sudden frequency of longer flight times and flight cancellations, as well as increasing driving costs, lots of families are having to rethink their plans for summer vacations.  Yet with school on break and children home most of the day, getting outdoors and making the most of the warm days of summer remains a high priority for most families especially those of us living in areas with winter snow storms. Many are seeking solutions for summer vacations closer to home.

Here is a list of things to do that would help get the crank out of summer and bring you and your kids some summer fun summer without breaking the bank.

1. Free Summer Concerts: In most township, you’ll find free summer concerts in township parks and other open spaces. Check out your local arts council and local library for information on concerts around you.

2. Go to the local park: Go to a park near you and have a picnic or fly a kite. Most parks also have playground equipments (like swings and slides) for kids

3. Take a walk: Take a walk outside. You’ll be amazed to see that even in your yard you can discover the best of nature – look out for lady bugs, beetles and butterflies take pictures of them (a digital camera would be very useful for this) and go to and see if you can identify the species in your picture then read up on them to give your kids a genuine first hand lesson in science and nature.

4. Go to the beach: If you happen to live close by a beach go on a visit and play tag, Frisbee etc. Hunt for shells and use to make a craft.

5. Get out in your yard and kick a soccer ball, throw a Frisbee or play hide and seek.

6. Get some flower pots and plant a seed/ or grow a garden in your yard. Watch the seed grow. Your young one might surprise you by eating veggies he’d grown by himself.

7. Read a book.

8. Try some indoor crafts: check your local craft store for some easy craft ideas. Also search your local library for “The world of children” by Caxton. The series is old but very handy. Volume 4 of this series has some pages with ideas for toys made with paper.

9. Visit the state aquarium or a nearby zoo.

10. Last but not the least make a journal of the things you’ve seen and done this summer and have memories to last a lifetime. For little ones too young to read find coloring pages relating to the activity (try ask them what they remember and write their response for them collate the pages to make a book. Their very own story.



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