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September 21, 2008

The five hour Window

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Ever had to deal with the five hour window? You know, the time frame giving by delivery men when you purchase items and by repair men too?  When we moved a few years ago I had to deal with so many five hour windows – appliance delivery, furniture delivery, phone installation, Satellite TV installation.  Just name it.  Everything had to have a five hour window however since we were just settling down, and everyone was on vacation, it was easy schedule for delivery at that time as someone was certain to be home.

Now that I need some repairs, I’ve recently had a series of the five hour window given that got me irked.  The most annoying of course was for a repair on my dryer. After clearing my schedule to be home at the stated time frame, I ended up waiting all day for the guy, then he calls 2 hours later than the stated time to tell me that he would not be able to make it that day  – he had run late at the previous job. I would have to reschedule for another day .  Of course when I did try to reschedule, I was given another five hour window and to make it even worse, they don’t work weekends.

Why can’t all these people just give you a specific time that they would be at your place and stick to time? Wouldn’t that be easier?  I’m told the reason for the five hour window is that most times jobs are schedule based on location and distance thus they tend to schedule for jobs depending on the closeness of the location and their arrival time at subsequent locations depend on when they finish from the first job.  It makes perfect sense except that there seems to be no consideration for people at work on weekdays.  How do these people expect you to be available for five hours straight? Well I think I finally figured it out – Don’t go to work on the scheduled day.  Period!.

That would seem sarcastic. But I simply can’t help it.  When trying to reschedule my repair appointment,  I couldn’t seem to get a reasonable time until I started venting my anger.  I my call got transferred from one party to the next then finally, I got to speak with the manager.  She did promise that due to the previous disappointment, she would make sure my job would be the first on the schedule for the appointed day that way I wouldn’t be waiting for too long.  Though hey did fulfill the promise, I’m left with a question what if on the appointed day for the job, the delivery man or the repair man also has his own five a window for a job at his home or office, what happens then? A vicious circle?

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